Low air velocity sensor up to 0…1 m/s, EE650/660

EE-650 Air velocity transmitter for HVAC applications; EE-660 for very low air velocity. Ask for a quote to the new model which offers now RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol. 

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Air velocity meter

The EE650 air flow sensor is dedicated for accurate and reliable measurement in building automation and ventilation applications. EE650 employs the new VTQ air flow sensor element, which operates on the thermal anemometer principle and is manufactured by E+E in state-of-the-art thin film technology. Due to its innovative design, the VTQ sensor element is very robust and highly insensitive to pollution, which leads to outstanding long-term performance. The enclosure design and the mounting flange included in the scope of supply allow for easy installation or replacement. EE650 can be adjusted by the user via digital interface.

The EE660 air velocity transmitters operate on the hot film anemometer principle and are designed for the precise measurement of very low air velocity. It is optimised for laminar flow monitoring and for clean room applications.

EE660 employes E+E air flow sensors manufactured in thin film technology, which stand for outstanding accuracy and long-term stability down to 0.15 m/s (30 ft/min). The transmitters are available with current and voltage output, the measuring range and the response time can be selected with jumpers by the user.

Features EE650: (Available in duct mount or remote probe versions)

  • Measuring range : 0…10 m/s / 0…15 m/s / 0…20 m/s
  • Outputs : Current and voltage  selectable by jumper
  • Response time : typ. 4 sec or typ. 1 sec. selectable by jumper
  • Power supply : 24 V AC/DC
Features EE660: (Available in duct mount or wall mount or remote probe versions)
  • Measuring range: 0…1 m/s / 0…1.5 m/s / 0…2 m/s
  • Outputs : Current and voltage  selectable by jumper
  • Response time : typ. 4 sec or typ. 1 sec. selectable by jumper
  • Power supply : 24 V AC/DC

Downloads:               Data sheet(660)            Data sheet(650)                                                                                       User manual(660)       User manual(650)