Validation of autoclave, steriliser, pasteurisation, S-Micro

S-Micro:  For validation of medical equipment such autoclaves, washer disinfectors and for production processes validation, such as pasteurisation and sterilisation, rely on accurate and robust data logger such as S-Micro (up to 140°C).

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Autoclave logger 

 The S-Micro (140°C) data logger now makes temperature monitoring in sterilization processes even simpler, thanks to its reduced dimensions that make it the monitoring device for pasteuriser with the smallest volume in the world.
  • High Accuracy
  • Long life batteries (user replaceable)
  • Food grade devices
  • Different kind of probes
  • Resist to high pressure
  • No need to cool it down after each process, no time limit at highest temperature
  • F0 calculation
  • Multi-graph analysis
  • Use many loggers in a single autoclave

S-Micro standard probe length is 20 mm, all other lengths are on demand. The loggers can be used with two different software: SPD software and TS Manager. See the data sheet for more details. TS Manager software is a software for autoclave validation and is compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. It is an optional software available as a separate part number. SPD software comes free with the logger. It can program and download the loggers, show a graph and export data to excel.

Downloads:    Software         Data sheet