Battery powered temp indicator, IM-8080KN-SS


Battery Powered digital indicator for field mounting with J and K thermocouple or RTD input selectable IECEX certified

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Battery powered temperature indicator for thermocouple and Pt100

IME Model 8080KN Battery operated Digital Temperature Indicator accepts an input from a standard Type J or K Thermocouple or RTD Pt100  and provides local indication of temperature in either degrees F or C. Designed specifically to replace Bimetallic Sensors, the 8080KN becomes a universal instrument since only one instrument will indicate the entire useful range of the probe (-100 to 900 Deg C). This eliminates having several bimetallic sensors where the dial range has to be predetermined. Operating costs are also drastically reduced since the sensor can be easily replaced in case of a failure, unlike a bimetallic sensor where the entire instrument has to be discarded. These sensor types are a lot more reliable, accurate and stable than Bimetallic sensors.

  • Input J,K thermocouple and RTD
  • Long battery life
  • 3½ digit LCD display in C° or F°
  • Rugged NEMA4X enclosure
  • Choice of Aluminum or SS316 enclosure
  • Designed to replace bi-metallic sensors
  • Optional versions Explosion proof certified ATEX
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Probes designed and made to suit [not included]

Replace bi metal and gas filled temperature indicators in harsh and hazardous applications

Downloads:   Data sheet