Data Acquisition software package BC-DAQSTUDIO

PC based data logging software to be used with Modbus based devices like IO Modules, Temperature controllers, Paperless Recorders, third party devices etc..

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 Data Acquisition Studio Software

 Brainchild DAQStudio was developed by Brainchild Electronics to enable SCADA like networking of their main products including IO modules, Controllers and VR18 paperless recorders. In real terms this enables a factory to install a data acquisition and alarm syetm at minimal cost, utilising normal process hardware , and with scalability and flexibility to increase input tags to more than one thousand. Capability is so extensive and diverse it cannot be adequately covered in a page – download the capability statement, then the operation manual for input. If this is interesting, contact us for an extensive CD based product presentation

 ECEFast can integrate DAQStudio projects or provide technical consultation on your own project.
  • Real time – viewer, trends, alarms, graphs, digital values
  • Maths channels – timers, counters & totalisers
  • Log intervals from 1 second to 2 minutes
  • 200 display pages, 24 tags per page display
  • Full alarm functions with email, SMS output
  • User security and logins
  • Historical , trends, alarms, events
  • Add remarks to data, print data
  • Export data to CSV files