Raytek® EC150/ES150 Extrusion system

EC150 and ES150: Raytek® Extrusion Coating Process Imaging System

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Extrusion coating process imaging system

Determining thermal patterns on continuous strip processes is vital in achieving consistent properties across, and along the strip – whatever the material. Raytek EC150 is designed for plastic processes including extrusion, laminating and coating processes, while Raytek ES150 suits continuous webb processes in any material including plastic, glass, wood and steel. The information is presented in real time on a PC screen and saved for review and can be used for manual feedback intro the process control, or automated feedback – for example edge temperature control.

  • Thermal images with 150Hz and 512 point resolution or up to 1024 points
  • MP150 heads with wavelengths for plastic P3, P7 and glass G5 as well as steel 1M
  • OPC server is part of software package
  • Operator interpretation of data is enhanced – scrap reduced – quality improved

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