Frequency pulse converter f/I-f/f, 5225/2255


PR-5225A: with concurrent function,
PR-5223A: with dual input math function
PR-2225: f/I – f/f converter                                                                                    Click for Loop Link communications unit

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Frequency converter

The units have to be configured with the Loop Link communications unit and a standard PC or delivered fully configured.

  • Pulse conditioning
  • Frequency generator
  • Concurrent f/I and f/f function
  • Analog current and voltage output
  • PNP / NPN output, optional relays
  • Programmable by PC and Loop Link
  • The f/I function performs frequency to current and voltage conversion.
  • The f/f function can be used for pulse division or multiplication and as a buffer collecting fast pulse trains.
  • The concurrent f/I and f/f functions enable a scaled digital output signal in conjunction with the analog output.
  • The frequency generator function is used as e.g. a time base or clock generator.
  • Input and supply polarity reversal protection.
  • Current and voltage output signals galvanically separated from the supply and the inputs.
  • Programmable digital outputs including NPN, PNP or relay options.

Technical characteristics

  • 4 front LEDs, indicating f in active inputs (not NPN), Dig.out.1 (NPN or relay 1) and Dig.out 2 (relay 2) outputs, and a NAMUR input error signal.
  • Analog current output can be configured to any current within 0…20 mA range.
  • Voltage output range is selectable between 0…10 VDC and 0…1 VDC by use of internal jumpers.
  • Programming can be performed with or without a power supply.
Other models available:
  • PR-2255 : Programmable f/I-f/f converter -11 pole socket -24VDC
  • PR-5223 : Programmable f/I-f/f converter -DIN RAIL- universal AC/DC supply
  • PR-5225 : Programmable f/I-f/f converter -DIN RAIL-24VDC

 Downloads:   Data sheet   2255    5223    5225      
                              Manual      2255    5223    5225

Additional information

Power supply

11 pole socket -24VDC, DIN RAIL- universal AC/DC supply, DIN RAIL-24VDC-OP:Analog+NPN/PNP, DIN RAIL-24VDC-OP:Analog+Relay