Potentiometric sensor Gems CT-1000

Level Measurement for conductive liquids from 200mm to 6000mm.

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Potentiometric Continuous Level Sensor – Gems CT-1000

Level measurement using potentiometric measuring principle where electrical pulses are sent down the insulated sensing electrode – then as the conducting liquid immerses the electrode the resistance will vary linearly with level. This simple robust sensor works over wide variations of temperature and pressure, and is connected using straightforward 2 wire electronics with optional HART communications. Sensors use 2 electrodes for non conducting tanks, and can be made up to 6M, with process connections R 1 for dual electrode and R3/4 or R1/2 for single electrode or with flanges according to specification.
  • Resolution better than 0.1mm ranges 200mm to 6M
  • Two wire connection – Optional HART 6.0 protocol
  • Suitable for all liquids >1microsiemen/cm
  • Fast Measurements independent of pressure, temperature and density
  • Pressures to 50bar PEEK or 16 bar PTFE seals Temperatures to 200C (max 200bar at ambient)
  • Standards 316SS with other options
  • Single electrode or dual electrode (for non conductive tank)

Downloads:   Data sheet