Raytek® GS150/GS150LE Glass process system

GS150 / GS150LE: Raytek® Glass Process Imaging System.

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Glass temperature

Raytek GS150 and the version for low emissivity glass GS150E have been developed in collaboration with some of the major manufacturers of glass processing machinery worldwide. For glass tempering, laminating and bending – including windscreens – these packages enable visualisation of the heat distribution and accurate temperature measurement. In addition the outputs can be used for alarms or machine control if they are integrated into the machine control system However, they are easy to retrofit to existing machines, and use a PC to display the process data in real time.

  • Provide complete operator understanding of the heating process
  • Reduce breakage, delamination and poor thermal processing as a result of incorrect temperature
  • Improve quality and consistency through different ambient conditions
  • Improve quality and consistency over long process runs

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