Raytek infrared system accessories


A representative selection of accessories for Raytek MR, TX, XR & MM series.

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 Accessories for Fixed Infrared Systems – Raytek
Raytek has a complete range of mounting accessories for their IR sensors.
Main accessories :
  • Air Purge assembly: To direct clean air onto the lens to keep it clean – from dust or liquids
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket: RY-MIACAB
  • Sighting Tubes : To reduce reflections from IR sources such as heaters or flames.
  • Blast Gate : For high temperature window with steel gate isolator for maintenance access
  • Optical sights : For blind transmitters
  • Windows : To protect lenses which are coated and will not tolerate frequent cleaning. In some cases Sapphire is used to allow this frequent cleaning.
  • Thermal Jackets: To physically protect sensors in extreme environments and for temperatures to 315ºC.
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Thermal Jacket for MR series, Thermal Jacket for TX series, Thermal Jacket for MM series, Sighting viewer for TX series, Air purge collar for TX series, Air purge collar for XR series, MI head: Air purge assembly, MI heads: Adjustable Bracket, MI head protective window, High Temp 12 wire connector with 4m cable for Thermalert 4.0 Series, Low Temp 12 wire connector with 4m cable for Thermalert 4.0 Series