Raytek® MP150 Linescanner

MP150: Line Scanner head from 20 to 1200C in all wavelengths.

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Line Scanner

The Raytek MP150 is the latest version of the highly successful MP 40 then MP50 series of scanners. This model is a quantum leap in specifications with almost 4 times higher scan rate and twice the measurements per line. The scan rate and measurements per line (up to 1024) are programmable in the set up software. In addition an ethernet port has been added, and the housing has air purge and air/ water cooling as standard – up to 180C ambient. A new high temperature enclosure is available for ambient up to 1100C. It is available in ranges from 20 to 1200 C in wavelengths 3-5, 3.9, 5, 3.43 P3, 1 and 1.6 microns for low to medium temperatures and plastic and glass. The 1 and 1.6 micron are for higher temperatures especially for steel. Optical resolution has been enhanced to 150:1 for 90% energy and 450:1 for 50% energy. The scanner comes with generic configuration and application software but it is also bundled with specific packages for Cement
  • Real time thermal imaging at scan speeds up to 150 lines per second
  • Up to 1024 measuring points per line
  • Wide choice of spectral and temperature ranges
  • High Quality brushless motor MTBF 40000hrs
  • Ethernet and high speed RS485 comms
  • Internal line laser for alignment
  • Rugged IP65 cooled enclosure & special ultra high temperature enclosures
  • Software packages for many specific applications
  • Internal assignable alarm relay and 3 x 4-20mA outputs

Downloads:   Data sheet          Brochure