Power control unit for power rail, PR-9410


PR-9410: Distributes supply voltage to the power rail. Must be installed on power rail.

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Power control unit

Offering power management and error detection on the PR Power Rail System The PR-9410 is mounted with the PR-9421 power supply on the 9400 rail. It can be configured as a redundant system using duplicate parallel power components, or as a backup selector, when the main power supply fails. It has a relay which provides a common alarm under various power supply conditions, or if a module error is detected through the power rail. Green LEDs indicate connection of the power supply and backup. A red LED is energised on an alarm condition.
  • Distributes supply voltage to the supply rail
  • Optional connection for back up power supply
  • Approved for installation in Ex zone 2/ Div 2
  • Configurable as redundant power supply (system duplicated)
  • Must be installed on power rail PR type 9400
  • Detects errors and provides a common alarm for all modules on the system

Downloads:   Data sheet        User manual