Raytek® Infrared sensor for -40 ~1650°C


RY-MI3:  SStandard response, FFast response, HHigh temp sensing head

  • LTS model: 8 to 14 µm, -40°C to 600°C, 2:1/ 10:1
  • LTS model: 8 to 14 µm, 0°C to 1000°C, 22:1
  • LTF model: 8 to 14 µm, 0°C to 1000°C, 10:1
  • LTH model: 8 to 14 µm, -40°C to 600°C, 10:1 / 22:1
  • LTH model: 8 to 14 µm, 0°C to 1000°C, 10:1 /22:1
  • G5 model: 5 µm, 250°C to 1650°C, 10:1

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Raytek Infrared sensor

Raytek MI3 series compact IR sensor is a two piece system with a miniature sensing head and separate communications electronics. The miniature sensing head can be installed in any system and outperforms much larger sensors, making the Raytek MI3 the best valued IR temperature sensor in its class. Explosive atmospheres at the workplace can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapors, or by combustible dust. Raytek MI3 ATEX/IECEx certified sensors can be used safely to monitor the right temperature in such explosive processes. All standard MI3 and MI3100 heads can be ordered with optional ATEX/IECEx certification.

Additional Features:
  • Automatic sensing head detection
  • Standard USB 2.0 digital interface for remote set-up and configuration
  • User configurable analog outputs (0/4-20mA, 0-5/10V, type J, K, R or S  T/C)
  • Adjustable Emissivity, Peak Hold, Valley Hold and Averaging functions
  • Optional network communications module (RS485)

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Additional information

Optical resolution & temperature

2:1, -40~600°C, 10:1, -40~600°C, 10:1, 0~1000°C, 22:1, 0~1000°C, 22:1, 250~1650°C, Not required

Sensor ambient temperature & cable length

120°C,1m (default), 120°C,3m, 120°C,8m, 120°C,15m, 180°C,1m (default), 180°C,15m