Thermocouple/RTD TS-13, large head threaded


Temperature sensors: TS-13 – ½” BSPT process fitting, large alloy head; TS-15 – ½” BSPT process fitting, large alloy head –DUPLEX

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Thermocouple sensors

The temperature sensor stock range enable customers to get immediate delivery on commonly used types. On the other hand any design can be built to suit your application. We use premium quality materials and technology.
  • Calibration options : (J, K, T, N) mineral insulated cable construction, ungrounded junction,
  • Diameter standard : 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm
  • Sensor head  : Aluminium (standard), Bakelite, others on request
  • Rated to maximum for type – K: 1100°C, J: 0~750°C, T: -200 ~400°C, N: 1150°C
  • Keep head below 80°C
  • Allow extra length for any fittings required
  • Use type KX extension wire for K type sensor to connect to instrument
 PT100 / RTD:
  • PT100 3 wire
  • Diameter : 3.0mm, 4.7mm, 6mm(standard) {Duplex sensors available in 4.7 and 6mm only}
  • 316 SS sheath, Max 260°C, Accuracy Class A.
  • PT100 small alloy head with 3 terminal Bakelite block
  • PT100 use 3 core shielded copper cable to connect to instruments

We can supply indicators, controllers, and transmitters for these sensors; See Instrumentation index for details.

Downloads:   TS-13   TS-13P  TS-15  TS-15P

Additional information

Sensor type

K type, RTD

Sensor dimension

½" BSP x 6mm dia x 75mm, ½" BSP x 6mm dia x 100mm, ½" BSP x 6mm dia x 150mm, ½" BSP x 6mm dia x 200mm, ½" BSP x 6mm dia x 300mm