Vibrating probe for solids & liquids, FT-SC1400


Vibrating level switch – detects the min. and max. Level in bins, silos and hoppers, filled with grained or powdered materials. The following list shows some of these materials: Powdered coffee, Dry milk, Chocolate, Powdered coal, Level detection in pressure vessel, Dry Bulk, Sugar, Salt, Wheat, Grains, Glass material, Plastic pellet, Cement, Animal food, Pellets.

Part No: FT-SC1400 Manufacturer part no. SC1400-R0-DQ-0100: Tuning Fork model, 100mm 1″ BSP 304SS relay output 20-250V AC/DC;

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Vibrating Level Switch – FineTek SC1400 Series

The vibrating probe level switch consists of two piezoelectric elements vibrating inside the switch housing. One receives a pulse signal from the PCB and causes the housing to vibrate, and the vibration transmits to the other sensor and generates an electric signal. When vibration of the housing is paused, if in contact with the material surrounding it, there is no return signal from the piezoelectric element and a relay actuates. This enables reliable performance in extreme conditions. Vibrating probes provide reliable & trouble-free level sensing for bulk solids and tuning fork styles for liquids. These are unaffected by material build-up or static electricity, and can withstand high lateral loads. FineTek offers a number of different types including TUNING FORK, ROD STYLE and EXTENDED models with solid or cable extensions – see the complete data sheet for details
  • No calibration needed
  • 304SS standard 316SS and Teflon optional
  • No material build-up
  • High / Low fail safe modes offer safety and reliability
  • The adjustable sensitivity wheel can be set for the finest material.
  • Universal 20-250V AC/DC as standard
  • Relay output – optional PNP/NPN
  • Different process connections – standard 1″ BSP
The SC series vibration level switches covers a huge range of configurations, constructed in the part number. Our prices display standard models, and for extended types – just one extension length. Determine your exact needs and contact us for prices

Downloads:   Data sheet