Construction Materials

ECEFast is a key supplier to the Asphalt, Cement, Glass, Lime, Brick and Tile, and Gyprock industries. We are the exclusive distributor of E+E, Raytek, Datapaq, Gefran and PR Electronics instrumentation products in the Australian market, giving us a significant range of sensors and signal processing components. Teamed with Eurotherm control and display systems we are positioned to satisfy most requirements

Food Manufacturing and food safety

ECEFast has products that suit many applications in the highly specialised environments of commercial food manufacturing, commercial kitchens, food processing, storage and logistics. Brands such as Eurotherm, Raytek, Comark, Hanwell, Gefran and E+E all offer premium products for critical applications – just add our experience to make a perfect solution.

ECEFast has been directly involved in the provision of food safety instruments for more than 30 years. We were instrumental in introducing infrared (non-contact) temperature measurement and complete KITS combining contact, infrared and cross check devices in the New Zealand food safety market. With major brands such as Cooper Atkins, Fluke and Comark we are a key supplier in the Fast Food industry and food retail.
The latest products incorporate intelligent programmability and automatic data acquisition and alarming by SMS or email. Centralised or “cloud” data storage is accessed on the internet on any computer or smart device with a web browser.

Glass Industry

ECEFast specialises in temperature measurement, whether contact, or infrared and temperature is the key measurement in the manufacture and processing of glass. Through our representation of Raytek we have many specialised software solutions for float glass cooling, and glass bending and tempering processes. These use the reliable Raytek MP150G line scanner and customised software with control outputs and on screen thermal visualisation. Similarly we can contribute in the glass wool, batts and fibre manufacturing processes


ECEFast represents E+E, one of the world leaders in the measurement of Humidity, Temperature, barometric pressure, CO2 and air flow / velocity. In addition we have a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring systems from Comark, Hanwell and Newport with wireless DAQ and advanced software for visualisation and data management. Hand held and wall mount loggers from Lutron and Fluke include air quality with oxygen, CO and CO2 with RH and T. Lutron the Hot wire and vane types with flow calculation and SD card data logging. HVAC E+E products brochure

Life sciences

ECEFast has earned itself a strong reputation as a reliable provider of temperature control, measurement and wireless temperature monitoring systems to the medical practice, biological research and pharmaceutical industries.
Maintaining precise process control is crucial to any pharmaceutical or medical goods production, so we provide reliable products and services designed with Good Manufacturing Practice in mind.

Marine Industry

ECEFast through our association with Gems, PR Electronics and FineTek has a good range of products for the commercial and military marine industries. Lloyds, ABS, DNV-approved sensors and instrumentation for level, flow, temperature and pressure plus signal conditioning and alarm systems for process signals.
We have developed an engine monitoring system for medium sized vessels with full visualisation and alarms on touch screen colour displays. Sensors include exhaust temperature, water and oil temperature and pressure, tank levels and RPM.

Metals Industry

With long experience in high temperature measurement, and exotic ceramic materials, ECEFast is well placed to offer innovative temperature measurement solutions in metal production and processing. Eurotherm adds to our capability with some high end control systems for heat treatment and carburising furnaces. Raytek has single point non-contact measurements plus line scanners and thermal imaging for process temperatures and equipment protection. Finally our extensive range of general instrumentation makes us a logical point of contact for diverse projects including calibration and test instruments.
New technologies include Spectro Pyrometry – where temperatures from 500 to 100,000°C can be measured regardless of the target emissivity, whether it’s solid or liquid.

Mining Industry

ECEFast can supply groundwater bore level probes only 19mm diameter and immersible to 200M, from stock. We are a recognised supplier of Blast Hole temperature systems, and the main supplier of non-contact protection for lubrication failure of large gear sets.
Temperature sensors, temperature probes, thermal imaging, vibration monitoring, data systems, software and other technology designed for harsh and remote mining environments. ECEFast provides complete turn-key solutions, including sensors, interface, software, data logging, and SMS alarms from remote locations.

Oil and Gas

ECEFast has a number of special solutions for petrochemical including all temperature measurement and sensing hardware with IECEX HART transmitters. In particular PR Electronics has released a comprehensive IECEX approved DIN Rail barrier system with universal programmable modules. These can be mounted alone, or on a power rail with integral power supply and common I/O alarm system. For advanced control and power switching we offer Eurotherm instrumentation with high level technical support.
Deep bore immersible sensors for water level and IECEX approved general purpose pressure transmitters are some of our pressure solutions, while we can also supply highly accurate magnetostrictive level transmitters for liquid natural gas.

Paper and Wood

ECEFast offers an comprehensive range of temperature sensors, probes and industrial instrumentation for paper plants, MDF mills and other industry sites. Sourced from our global partners or custom manufactured in-house by ECEFast. With emphasis on non-contact temperature measurement from Raytek, we offer single point, line scanner and thermal imaging solutions with powerful user friendly software. Kiln shell monitoring for your lime kilns at the best performance/ price point available and thermal imaging for predictive maintenance.
Sensors and instruments to measure display and control temperature, pressure, levels, flow, displacement and other measured variables… along with signal conditioning and isolation, large digit indicators for operator display… RH measurement for paper processing and storage, moisture and coating thickness measurements…


For more than 50 years ECEFast has supplied a comprehensive range of sensors and instrumentation to the plastics industry. Plastics extrusion melt processes have been an area of specialty, supplying pressure sensors, temperature probes and control instruments since the 1960s.
As Australia’s leading supplier of infrared temperature technologies, we also provide specialist solutions for plastics extrusion, thermoforming and injection moulding where contact temperature measurement is inapplicable. From single point infrared temperature sensors to advanced thermal imaging solutions, our systems engineers will deliver the best solution for your process requirements.              Downloads: Plastic industry

Power and Energy

Power and Energy sector encompasses a huge variety of specialised applications. ECEFast has some excellent products and by the very breadth of our offering – we should be considered for a proposal. If you want a high accuracy ultrasonic wind sensor for your wind power generation tower or thermal imaging for inspection of busbars and switchgear, and mechanical plant – we can help.
Our custom made temperature sensors are designed and built in house Dew Point in your Hydrogen Cooling system, bearing temperatures in your conveyors, or 3750V signal isolation, SIL2 and IECEX, Flow in your 2.5M diameter CW pipes – and more…


ECEFast has products and solutions for road, rail, air and transport infrastructure industries and specialises in activities from plastics to metal casting, forging to glass bending, heat treatment to on site testing and R&D. In air, sea and rail operations we can meet all potential needs for Food Safety temperature measurement and monitoring with wireless or wired systems.

Water and Waste Management

Measure water levels to 0.05mm… bore water levels to 200m depth… fluid flow in a 4m diameter pipe… precise levels in raw sewerage. Isolate sensors to 2250V, IECEX certified solutions, power your transmitter, rescale your signal with PR Electronics.