Anemometer hotwire, Lutron AM4214SD


LU-AM4214SD, Lutron anemometer: Ideal for ducts and confined spaces. Order SD card separately. 

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Anemometer hot wire

AM-4214SD is suitable for a wide range of uses including air balancing, ventilation hoods and environmental testing. This hotwire anemometer also features a real-time clock to enable readings to be time stamped for accurate record keeping. Either measure automatically as set intervals or use the buttons to measure and record manually.
Features include:
  • 0.2-5m/sec  resolution 0.01m/sec  5-25m/sec 0.1m/sec
  • Accuracy +/-1% of scale +0.1m/sec
  • Data logging to SD card – analyse on PC with spread sheet
  • 1-3600 seconds interval or MANUAL to 99 points
  • Type K or J thermocouple input digital thermometer
  • Ambient 0-50ºC  measured accuracy +/-0.8ºC
  • 5 ranges of measurement

The SD card logging function also allows you to easy record, download and share data as records can be read directly from a PC in spread sheet format.

Optional accessories

  • LU-SD-2GB : 2 GB SD card
  • LU-SWU801-WIN : Data aquisition software

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