Inclinometers, tilt sensors Gefran GIT/GIG/GIB

GF-GIB/GIT/GIG: For applications such as agricultural machines, construction machines, material handling equipment.

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 Three families including GIT, GIG and GIB are inclinometers with different characteristics to feed back angular position to a control system. The output can be analog or digital in the form of CANopen. They offer single or dual axis and single or redundant output.
  • Ranges :± ±10° ±15° ±20° ±30° ±45° ±60° ±85°
  • Accuracy from 0.15% to 0.5% in different models
  • Output 0-10V, 0.5-4.5V ratiometric, 4-20mA or CANopen
  • Environmental rating IP67 or better for cable entry
  • Compact size and rated to 85°C
GIT : Top single/dual axis inclinometer (XY/360°)
GIG : General single/dual axis inclinometer (XY/360°)
GIB : Single/dual axis entry level tilt sensor (XY/360°)

Downloads:   Data sheet:  GIT   GIB  GIG