Infrared thermometer, CH-AZ-BG32


CH-AZ-BG32-MINI, Infrared thermometers for food safety and industrial use. BG32-MINI has got better optics 12:1 optics, better resolution 0.1 °C  and wider range: -45 to 320°C.

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Infrared thermometer

An infrared thermometer will give you a quick and accurate food temperature reading without the need to handle it. It uses laser technology to read surface temperature, this is hygienic and reduces the risk of cross contamination. Also known as a laser thermometer, an infrared digital thermometer is an essential kitchen gadget that can also be used to check the operating temperatures of fridges or freezers.

  • Features
    – Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F
    – Compact size, fast and easy measurement
    – Precise non-contact measurement
    – User selectable unit °C or °F
    – Backlit LCD display
    – Data hold
    – Auto power off
    – Point-and-shoot concept.

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