Insulation Tester, 4~4000MΩ, CE-360


CE-360, 600V CAT III, 1000V CAT II, Insulation tester

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Insulation tester

When insulation testing the Center 360 can provide 250V, 500V & 1000V source current for the test & under each range can supply 1 mA  current o feed the capacitance load. In auto range mode it can measure up to 4000 Megaohm with 1 KOhm resolution.

When continuity testing the CE360 can source 200mA to indentify bad connections. Using the autorange function, it can measure up to 4 KOhm with 0.01 Ohm resolution.

  • 4 digit LCD display
  • Auto range for Ω and MΩ
  • 40 segments analog bar
  • Test hold function for easy operation
  • Auto zero
  • >1 mA test current for MΩ range at rated voltage
  • >200 mA short current for continuity range
Safe operation with lockout

Downloads:   Data sheet    User manual