FineTek Admittance type – SB2100/2200

Ideal for product or matter that builds up.

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Admittance Level Switches – FineTek SB2100/2200

The FineTek SB 2100, 2110, 2120 through 2600 series are based on the admittance measuring principle of compensated capacitance. This allows very significant build up on the probe without false tripping, or no tripping. There are a number of series for different mounting type, temperature ranges and insulation materials. Products such as grease, honey, pastes and similar consistencies may be measured reliably. The SB2500 is a cable suspended version for up to 150°C and 20bar pressure. Cable lengths to 3M are standard. (For longer cables please inquire.)


  • Suit high viscosity and coating products for point level
  • Stable and not affected by temperature
  • Time Delay on action 0-30 seconds
  • IP65 housing
  • Relay 5amp DPDT output
  • Models covering temperatures up to 550°C
  • High/Low/ Failsafe action and Alarm testing

Downloads:   Data sheet