Gems 865 Low range DP transmitter

Very low range DP transmitters for dry gases with various analog outputs. For Air or Non-conductive gas, 0.25 to 100 Inches in W.C.(differential)/ ±0.1 to ±50 Inches in W.C. (bidirectional) and high proof pressure

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Low pressure transducer

The Gems 865(Setra 265) Series are low-pressure transducers for ranges as low as 0.25″ WG & feature ±1% full scale static accuracy. Primarily used in building energy management, these transducers are capable of measuring pressures & flows with the accuracy necessary for proper building pressurization & air flow control. Higher accuracy is available to 0.25% as an option. 865 Series transducers utilize an all stainless steel, micro-tig welded sensor that allows up to 10 psi over pressure (in either direction) with no damage to the unit. All sensor components have thermally matched coefficients, which promote improved temperature performance & excellent long term stability.
  • For air & non-conductive gas
  • 0.25 to 100 inches in WG (differential) / ±0.1 to ±50 inches in WG (bi-directional) in 9 models
  • High proof pressure 700mbar
  • Output 0-5V, 0-10V 3 wire connection into 5K ohms min.
  • Optional 4-20mA two wire

Downloads:   Data sheet