Gems pressure switches GM-PSxx series

Gems pressure switches in most cases have adjustable set points & high over pressure protection. Gems is a major supplier of OEM components in the USA and Europe including this well priced range of pressure switches.

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Long Lasting OEM Pressure Switches at an affordable price!

 Subminiature series Gems PS11,31,32,51,52 and 62 covering ranges from 52mbar to 207bar
  • Mini series Gems PS41,71,72,75 and 76 covering ranges from 250mbar to 344 bar SPST /SPDT with many options
  • Vacuum series Gems PS81  and 82 covering ranges from 1.5″ – 28″ of Mercury vacuum – very compact
  • Solid state series Gems PS98 covering ranges from 0-400bar with factory set hysteresis & set point and relay or logic output
  • PS98 with 17-4PH SS diaphragm 0.25% accuracy  and no moving parts

Many part numbers are available from stock, and on short lead times, but some part numbers have minimum order quantities applied. They cover the range from vacuum to 6000psi and most switches are available with gold plated contacts for low current.

Downloads:   PS11  PS41  PS61  PS81