Gefran pressure transmitter, KS series

Gefran KS series, two wire transmitters 0-1 to 0-1000 bar SIL 2 certified

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Pressure transmitters

 Gefran KS series is an economical general purpose pressure transmitter available as 4-20mA two wire or 0-10V 3 wire configuration. With a wide pressure range and accuracy better than 0.5% it has a lot of potential applications and a SIL 2 rating for safety and reliability (Ranges above 10bar). Overpressure performance is excellent at low ranges and is up to 6X without damage.

  • Ranges 0-1 to 0-1000bar accuracy 0.5%
  • Response less than 1msec
  • Fluids compatible with AISI 430F and 17-4PH SS
  • ¼” BSP or ½” BSP process connection
  • M12 and mini or large DIN connectors – mating part supplied separately
  • Pressure snubber inbuilt optional

Downloads:   Data sheet