Temperature transmitter-loop-powered, PR-3331


PR-3331: PT100, TC- J and K temperature sensor converter; Pre-calibrated temperature ranges selectable via DIP-switches.

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Temperature converter

PR Electronics 3000 series loop powered temperature transmitter solutions in the new 6mm DIN rail mount package. Parameters set by DIP switch with over 1000 pre calibrated ranges available and selectable response time.  The 3333 is a low cost Pt100 solution while the 3331 allows selection of Pt100 and J,K thermocouple with 2.5KV ISOLATION. Voltage drops are only 4V and 6V respectively with a maximum supply voltage of 35V DC.
As with all PR Electronics products, these are highly accurate, with excellent noise rejection and very low internal heating – so full density packing on the rail is permitted.
Technical characteristics:
  • Flexibly loop powered by 5.5…35 VDC via connectors
  • < 30 ms fast response time with simultaneous sensor error detection when selected.
  • Selectable 300 ms response time when signal dampening is needed.
  • Selectable internal/external CJC.
  • Excellent conversion accuracy in all available ranges, better than 0.05% of span.
  • Meeting the NAMUR NE21 recommendations, the 3331 provides top measurement performance in harsh EMC environments.
  • The device meets the NAMUR NE43 standard defining out of range and sensor error output values.
  • All terminals are protected against overvoltage and polarity error.
  • High galvanic isolation of 2.5 kVAC; Excellent signal/noise ratio of > 60 dB.


  • The 3331 temperature converter measures a standard Pt100, TC J and K temperature sensor, and provides an isolated passive analog current output signal.
  • High 2 port isolation provides surge suppression and protects the control system from transients and noise.
  • The 3331 can be mounted in the safe area or in Zone 2 / Division 2 areas.
  • Approved for marine applications.

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