Carbon-monoxide-detector, LU-GCO2008


Hand held carbon monoxide (CO) meter with digital interface. Range from 0-1000ppm, made by Lutron.

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Carbon monoxide detector

  • Range 0-1000ppm Resolution 1ppm
  • Accuracy +/-5% +2 lsd – electrochemical sensor
  • Repeatability +/-2%
  • Response time < 30 seconds
  • Max, Min and Hold function
  • Temperature 0-50C
  • Optional RS232 / USB interface for SW-U801-WIN  PC software

Carbon Monoxide Hand Held meter – Lutron has released the new GCO-2008 hand held Carbon Monoxide meter with electrochemical measuring cell. This unit allows on the spot monitoring for safety and site evaluation. Lutron has a matching CO2 meter and, of course, they have been manufacturing hand held meters for more than 30 years.

The unit has an RS232 output and this can be connected to a PC or to the portable data logger supplied by Lutron. This allows in situ logging in a simple format with battery powered devices.

Downloads:   Data sheet