Water quality meter, Lutron WA2017SD


LU-WA2017SD Measurement of pH, ORP, DO, CD, TDS and Salt. SD card and power supply are optional. Order separately from this link: Power supply and SD card

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Water quality meter

Water analysis using one economical meter is very convenient as the logging functions and operation are easy to learn. This meter accepts 4 probes to measure the main water parameters. It delivers as conductivity, TDS and salt meter as standard and other probes can be added as required for pH, temperature for pH compensation, ORP /REDOX with suitable probe (also BNC connection) and dissolved oxygen. The WA-2017 will log all measured parameters to SD card memory. This can be transferred to a PC and data analysed using a normal spread sheet program. If preferred, the meter can be connected by USB cable to a PC running optional analysis software.

Accessories included: 

  • LU-YK-CDPB-03 – probe included to base unit to measure Conductivity, TDS and Salt
  • TDS : In 4 ranges
    • 0-132 PPM, 132-1,320 PPM, 1,320-13,200 PPM, 13,200-132,000 PPM
  • Salt : 0-12% (% weight)
  • Conductivity : In 4 ranges
    • 0-200.0 µS, 0.2 – 2.000 mS,  2-20.00 mS, 20-200 mS

Optional accessories: 

  • Dissolved oxygen probe : 0-20mg/l, 0-100% oxygen in air, temperature 0-50℃
  • pH electrode : pH/mV 0-14pH -1999+1999mV BNC connector
  • Temperature probe : TP07 ATC (Automatic temperature compensation)
  • SD card : 2GB Data logging to SD card – analyse data on PC using spread sheet software

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