CO₂/Temperature & RH, Lutron GCH2018


LU-GCH2018: Hand held CO2 meter with two separate probes CO2/Temp, and Humidity/Temp, rated to 4,000ppm.

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CO2 meter

  • NDIR sensor for long life and stability
  • Range 0-4000ppm  resolution 1 ppm
  • Repeatability ±20ppm
  • Accuracy ±40ppm ≤ 1000ppm
  • Altitude compensation to 9000m
  • Alarm setting and warning
  • Separate probe for confined spaces
  • RH range 10-95% where available – DEW POINT calculated
  • Temperature range 0-50°C

The Lutron GC-2028 and GCH-2018 are low cost CO2 indicators for environmental applications. These are usually in the 0-2000ppm range. Lutron has used NDIR for measurement  which results in a stable and accurate device which will hold its calibration.  An RS232 output enables logging of data over a period with an optional separate RS232 logging device and matching PC software. The unit has max, min and hold functions and measures in different models, CO2, RH and temperature.