Humidity & moisture for grains, LU-MS7012SD


LU-MS7012SD Humidity content probe, for the materials of sand, grain, corn, rice. cotton, paper etc., with stainless steel heavy duty probe. SD card and power supply are optional. Order separately from this link: Power supply and SD card

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 Moisture granular

Moisture measurement in granular products such as sand, grain, corn, rice, cotton and paper can be made by measuring RH/Td in inter granular or inter laminar spaces. It is necessary to determine the relationship between RH and moisture content in the range of interest, using an analytical method such as weighing/drying, but once established the measurement is easy and repeatable and the equipment rugged. The Lutron MS-7012SD has a real time clock and data logger – and with data stored in EXCEL format it is easy to analyse in a spreadsheet. This model also has manual logging to 99 readings where individual readings are stored by a button press. RH 5 to 95%   Temperature 0-50°C

  • Dewpoint  -25°C to 48.9°C
  • Wet bulb -21.6°C to 50°C
  • Type J/K thermocouple to full range
  • Probe 600mm x 10mm SS construction 1.5M lead
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