Electrode holders for conductivity sensor


Electrode holders for Elettrosonda level control relays

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Effective holders allow easy mounting and custom length of threaded rod as required

  • 3 and 5 electrode rigid holders type TP and MQ5P
  • Single electrode for cable mounting – cable length to suit
  • Special electrode design by arrangement

From the available relays listed, each requires the measuring point electrodes and a reference electrode, that may also be the vessel if it is metallic.  The pump or alarm on/off points are defined by the electrode length, so when the electrode is wet by liquid, the relay is tripped.

In our system we have 3 electrode holder (TP) and 5 electrode holders (MQ5P) which use threaded metal rods, normally 316SS, cut to length as required.

There are also single electrodes (Type TS) which are cable mounted, and suspended above the liquid – immersible cable types must be used. The electrodes are attached to the cables and mounted in the correct position and height to trip the control relays.

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For 5 electrodes, For 3 electrodes, For wire electrode