Food safety thermometer Kit HACCP, ECEFast


A basic food safety thermometer kit includes:

Kit 1: CH-AZ-BG32 + KM-DT400 + KM-TC100/36 + carry case       Kit 2: CH-AZ-BG32 + 2 x CH-ST9212B + comparator + carry case

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Food safety thermometer Kit HACCP, ECEFast

The ECEFast offers the lowest possible cost solution for food safety which combines contact & infrared temperature measurement & yet meets the regulation guideline of ±1°C. This solution is exclusive to ECEFast. Infra red thermometers allow rapid checking at many points without contamination of the food products. If the readings suggest there are temperature control issues, they should be checked with contact thermometers, The kit comes with two contact thermometers since they are the  compliance reference device – the second unit is a backup for use during annual re-calibration of the main kit.

  • CH-AZ-BG32 : -20 +320°C – IR thermometer with traceable calibration certificate
  • CH-ST9212B :  -50 to 150°C;  Accuracy ±1°C (-30 to 150°C) contact pocket thermometer
  • KM-DT400 :  -20 to 200°C;  Accuracy ±0.5°C contact pocket thermometer
  • KM-TC100/36: 40 to 100°C; 200mm probe; 40mm dial face Espresso thermometer
  • Comparator // Temperature checker for verifying IR thermometer vs Contact thermometer
  • Rigid storage case with foam insert
All the above kits come with complimentary traceable certificate worth for $110.00

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