Force gauge from Lutron 5Kg/20Kg/100Kg


LU-FG6005SD, LU-6020SD, LU-6100SD:  Force gauge with 5Kg, 20Kg & 100Kg capacity by Lutron.

Downloads:  Data sheet: 6005SD   6020SD    6100SD 

Manual: 6005SD    6020SD    6100SD

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   Force gauge

Lutron force gauge allow force measurement for quality control such as operating force, spring tension, glue strength, as well as sample hardness such as pills & fruit ripeness. Use of the test stand enables high levels of repeatability in standard test procedures such as tensile strength.  A variety of tips is included for common measurements.

The new FG-6000SD force gauges save the data in SD card memory and it can be downloaded to the Excel directly with out any extra software. User can make further data analysis through excel capabilities.

  • 5 Kg, 20 Kg and 100 Kg capacity, high resolution, high accuracy,high repeatability
  • Tension & compression capability
  • Large LCD display with back light
  • Positive or reverse display direction select
  • Unit selection Kg, lb, Newton ( g, oz, Newton for FG-6005SD model)
  • SD card not included in the kit

Optional accessories: SD card (2GB) and test stand model FS-1001. 

The 100 Kg force gauge has got separate heavy duty sensor with 2 hooks and 2 meter cable.

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5kg, 20kg, 100kg