Two wire temperature and level transmitters


PR-5331, PR-5333, PR-5334 for temperature and PR-5343A for 2-wire level transmitter

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Worlds best – waterproof – 5 year warranty

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Headmount temperature transmitters

The PR 533X series transmitters are PC programmable for input and calibration and have excellent prices. They tolerate 85C ambient temperatures, and are fully waterproof – and so suit food manufacturing and other wet environments

PR-5333A is for RTD and resistance and is non isolated. For isolation use the universal transmitter PR5331.   PR-5334 accepts all thermocouple types and is isolated to 1500V. PR5343 is designed for level measurement with resistance inputs from 1-100K ohms

PR-5343B is 2-wire level transmitter: Conversion of resistance variation to standard analog current
signals, e.g. from Ohmic level sensors or valve positions.

  • RTD  and ohm – T/C and  mV input
  • Extremely high measurement accuracy
  • Galvanic isolation on thermocouple version
  • Programmable sensor error value
  • For mounting in DIN sensor terminal head 33mm hole centres
  • Waterproof — PC programmable for Input type and span
  • 5 year warranty

DIN rail versions of these transmitters are PR-633X series  see DIN rail section

Downloads:  Datasheets:   5331  5333A  5333D 5334  5343B           Manual: 5331

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