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HY-CBL-CLAMP                  : HydraTough cable support clamp for H28/H46 submersible level sensors

HY-H28-ADAPTOR            : HydraTough thread connection for H28 submersible level sensors M22x1 thread

HY-H28-WEIGHT               : HydraTough counter weight for H28 SS submersible level sensor

HY-H46-WEIGHT               : HydraTough counter weight for H46 Anti-corrosive PP submersible level sensor

HY-VENTBOX                      : HydraTough ventbox for H28/H46 submersible level sensors

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Thread Adaptor (HY-H28-ADAPTOR): Thread adaptor or weight will screw in to the M22x1 thread in the end of the SS H28 style body in place of the

Cable Vent Box (HY-VENTBOX): The cable vent box is an important accessory in most installations. The sensor cable has a vent tube so there is a potential air flow from the cable termination into the sensor body. With temperature variation this is accentuated–it is important to make sure the termination is dry always, and our vent box is designed to achieve that and provide a good level of lightning protection for the sensor [which already has transient protection].

Counter weight: In order to prevent measurement errors caused by sideways movement of product and ensure accuracy, you can add additional counter weights by screwing together and then connecting directly to the transmitter. Each unit can add three weights at the most

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Counter weight for H28, Counter weight for H46, ventbox for H28/H46, Support clamp, Adaptor for H28


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