Distributed I/O Modules for analog & digital signals, BC-IO


System I/O, RS485 Modbus, for analog and digital – compatible with standard Modbus master devices.

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I/O Modules For Analog & Digital signals

A series of 14 DIN rail modules offering all common analog inputs and outputs, plus digital I/O as either separate or combined function modules. These suit systems based on the Brainchild HMI series on this website, or our own RampX systems. They are used to build low cost distributed systems for data aquisition and control. System visualisation is possible depending on the HMI used. Isolated modules are recommended for analog voltage and current and thermocouple inputs although lower cost non isolated versions are available.

  • See the part numbers for specification of all I/O types
  • Dimensions 23x109x98mm
  • Power supply 12-24V DC
  • Up to 128 Modules on  two wire RS485 network
  • Watchdog timer 1-255 seconds
  • Isolation – where applied – 1500V RMS
  • 32 Bit / Digital filters to 6553 msec
  • Digital Counter to 1000Hz  Up/Down
  • Digital off – 0-6.5V   Digital on – 12-24VDC

Configuration software is available as a free download from the Brainchild website, and this allows integration with any third party devices which can act as Modbus masters. This software is called Data Acquisition Studio and it has DAQ functionality – see the datasheet for details.

Downloads: Data sheet   HMI    IO

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Analog, Digital, Combination

I/O selection

16 digital Input, 16 digital Output, 6 RTD Input, 8 Analog Outputs Current 4-20mA, 8 Analog Outputs Voltage 0-10V DC, 8 Digital Inputs 8 Digital Outputs, 2 Analog Inputs, 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs