Limit controller, Brainchild L91


Economical limit controller L91 is an over temperature or a high limit safety device with a latching output that could remove the power while the process is in abnormal condition, for example the process higher than high limit set point or lower than the low limit set point.

Part #: BC-L91-1122 => supplier part # BTC-L91-4111

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Limit controller

 The Brainchild L91 is a low cost universal over temperature cutout for critical applications. For example, as a high temperature alarm in a furnace the L91 would have a separate thermocouple input & the alarm relay would isolate the power to the elements in order to protect the furnace if the control systems failed “ON”.

The controller cannot be reprogrammed without special access, and it requires a manual reset to activate the furnace. An event input allows for remote reset or remote input signal lock.

  • Compact 48 x 48, high, low or H/L[window] limit
  • Universal input for temperature
  • Relay output with manual reset latching
  • Software lockout – digital filter
  • 90 to 264 VAC supply
  • 11 – 26 VAC/VDC

Downloads:   Data sheet     User manual