DiskInterface HS high speed reading bay


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DiskInterface HS High temperature and pressure devices high speed reading bay

The DiskInterface HS (High Speed) is the connection bay used for downloading data and programming all the high temperature loggers, both up to 100°C and 140°C, and the PressureDisk series loggers. It allows the communication between the data loggers and its management programs, the SPD, the TS Manager, the PressureDisk software. It is connected to the PC via a USB cable included with the interface.
DiskInterface HS shows, with every software is used, the battery level of the connected device. It is very easy and intuitive to be used: the logger’s base must be placed on the metal plate while the probe is inserted in the crack of the small plate connected to the rod (for loggers without probe, just let this small plate rest on their top). So, the base always down, the probe always up. Check the instructions for better understanding.


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