TC/RTD 3-pin full size connectors, Marlin


A range of 3 pole connectors for thermocouples and RTDs from Marlin

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Marlin full range of 3 pole connectors for thermocouples and RTDs

3-Pole Connector plugs and jacks are made to exacting specifications to provide rapid, dependable connections between thermocouples and extension wires, with ground wires an integral part of the system. Also ideal for 3-wire RTD applications. Alloys of prongs and inserts match ANSI calibrations to maintain sensing accuracy. Alloy and polarity are identified by symbols molded into body. Inserts are spring loaded collet type to assure positive full contact with the negative insert larger making it virtually impossible to mismate.

3 pole connectors for thermocouples carry an extra circuit for the screen when using screened cables.

There is a series of 3 pole mini plugs and jacks in copper for RTDs as well as matching strip panels

  • Premium Marlin quality
  • Copper versions for 3 wire RTD connection
  • Mini and Full size
  • Thermocouple connectors for shielded cable connections
  • All thermocouple types
  • Hardware available for each style
  • Strip Panels available – not shown

Downloads: Data sheet

Additional information

Sensor type

K type, T type, RTD

Connector type

Plug, Jack, Round pin