Moisture analyser on line non contact, Chino IRMA

Moisture Measurement for process materials in continuous feeds such as conveyors using multiwavelength infra red,- Chino IRMA

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Non contact analysis for moisture for continuous process control for many materials

  • Multianalysis using 10 IR wavelengths for 4 constituent properties
  • Moisture content of liquids  [using special cell] and solids from 0 to 70%
  • Unit stores 99 calibration curves for different materials
  • simple 4-20mA output for integration into control systems
  •  Version for high and low moisture
  • Versions with fibre optic sensors
  • Ambient 0-50C – use air cooled housing above 45C
  • Power 24VDC approx 30VA

The Chino IRMA series of analysers may be used for a wide variety of on line measurements including film and coating thickness, moisture content of powders, fibres, liquids and clay, or organic materials such as garbage.  The more common applications involve moisure measurement in materials for combustion, or processing, such as sand, coal, wood chips, clay, grains, milk powder and so on. Calibration curves are determined in the laboratory and uploaded to the analyser, and 99 calibrations can be stored and selected.

In most cases a 4-20ma output representing moisture content is used by the control system as an input. The analyser is mounted above a sample stream such as a conveyor belt. The measurement is of the surface, and consideration must be given to sensor placement with respect to the process.