Solid State Power Switching – Gefran Geflex Series

PID control in a power switching DIN module with digital communications.

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 Solid State Power Switching – Gefran Geflex Series

A unique new PID control/power switch for digital networks. Highly suitable for multi zone loop control systems, or to handle PID & power control in a PLC or DCS network. Program via the network, or PC or handy plug in module. Minimise wiring on machines, ovens & kilns. Available with digital communications AND a portable programmer module for Ethernet, Profibus, Devicenet and Modbus. Control modules:

  • Master – Handles communications for up to 8 slaves in a multizone system & PID control.
  • Slave – Independent PID control under master.
  • Expansion – For 3 phase systems.
  • 25 to 120 amps at 480V 14 types
  • PID control in module
  • 4 Loop PID SS Controller version
  • Universal sensor input
  • CT current monitor -> LBA & HM alarms
  • Self tune, autotune & soft start
  • Two relay alarm outputs
  • Devicenet, Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus and CANBUS systems

Downloads:   Data sheet