SSR DIN rail with heatsink, Gefran GTS

GF-GTS, Single-phase solid state relays with heatsink

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Solid State Relay

 Gefran manufactures an extensive range of power controllers and switching devices. GTS is a basic zero crossing power switch with logic input. All but the low power versions are double SCR with LED power on indication and MOV protection. Accessories include fuse holders and fuses. The 120amp version is fitted with a cooling fan and the ambient derating tables are in the data sheet
  • Control input 6-32V DC < 10mA
  • 230V ..24-280Vmax  480V 24-530 VAC max
  • Power factor 1   — voltage drop at rated current <1.4Vrms
  • 1-3 phase connection
  • DIN rail mounting

Downloads:   Data sheet       User manual