Repeater / Splitter, PR-3108/3109


PR-3108: Isolated repeater/splitter
PR-3109: Isolated converter/splitter

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Splitter Converter Repeater

Offering high density panel connections the PR 3100 6mm series of isolated splitters and converters give the best value in the market. With 5 years warranty and high accuracy of 0.05% of span, the 3100 series are the best choice for your system. The 3108 and 3109 splitters offer full isolation for one input and two outputs. The 3108 is the low cost version for 4-20mA and 1:1. The 3109 has dip switch selection of inputs and outputs [individually] as well as a loop power supply available.

  • 6mm DIN rail or Power rail mount – maximum density
  • 2.5KVAC isolation 250VAC operation
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Loop power supply 17VDC (3109 only)
  • 3108…1:1 0-20mA
  • 3109…0/2-10V, 0/1-5V, 0/4-20mA
  • IECEXand SIL 2 – can be mounted in Zone 2 [not a barrier]

  Downloads:   Data sheet:          3108            3109

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Main function

Repeater(splitter + current signal repeater), Converter (splitter + std DC signal converted to mA & V)