HART transparent repeater, PR-5106A


PR-5106A: Power supply and signal Isolator with 2 way HART communication for 2 wire transmitters.

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HART Transparent repeater 

HART Transparent Repeater, loop power supply, loop isolator for process loops. An economical power supply with very high levels of isolation for field instruments of any brand requiring HART communications. With one and two channel models, we can achieve a good installation density.

  • Universal Mains or DC power – 24-230VAC- 20-250VDC
  • Single and dual channel – 3750VAC isolation 3 or 5 ways
  • Min 17V loop supply voltage
  • 4-20mA input – 4-20mA output
The output can be connected either as an active current transmitter or as a 2-wire transmitter. Inputs, outputs and supply are floating and galvanically separated.
Downloads:   Data sheet       User manual