Strain gauge controller, Gefran 2500


Double configurable input for strain gauge / potentiometer / linear signal / TC / RTD; Two auxiliary analog inputs and differential measurement.

Part no. GF-2500-110001 : Fast PID controller for strain gauge / potentiometer / linear signal / TC / RTD; GF-2500-010001 : Fast PID controller without 2nd main Input;

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Strain gauge Gefran controller

 The Gefran 2500 is a process controller designed for systems requiring very fast control action. Two process inputs are provided and these include standard analog signals, but also strain gauge and potentiometer. This feature allows control of the typical Fast process of pressure, load and position. Sensor power supply 5 or 10VDC for SG and 2.5V for potentiometer is built in and two analog remote set point inputs are provided. A 24VDC transmitter supply is available. A Maths function is available for the analog inputs, and digital IO for various control functions.  This controller is designed for closed loop pressure control, DP control or tension control in web type product. However it has many powerful process control functions for most single loop applications.

  • Dual strain gauge, potentiometer, thermocouples RTD & analogue inputs
  • Auto-adaptive PI or PID control
  • Three isolated analog outputs, 4 relay outputs
  • Two auxiliary analog inputs, 4 digital inputs
  • Custom 64 step input linearisation
  • Bumpless auto/manual
  • Normal and bipolar control output ±10V
  • Optional RS485 or Profibus DP communications

Main applications:

  • Pressure controls on extrusion and injection press lines for plastics
  • Differential pressure control
  • Strength control on textile, paper, plastic film production lines
  • Tension control on winding stations

Downloads:   Data sheet       User manual

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NONE, Strain-gauge / TC / RTD / Potentiometer / Linear