Thermocouple calibrator, Lutron TC920-K


LU-TC920-K, Lutron low cost K type thermometer with simulator function

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Temperature calibrator

TC920 is a low cost easy to use calibrator which can be used to simulate thermocouple signals over the full range of type K output. It also functions as a type K thermometer. Where your company uses type K hand held instruments and you cannot justify a full function calibrator, the TC920 can provide a traceable reference to check your  thermometers, provided it is certified in our NATA laboratory.

  • 2 in 1 meter with type K thermocouple thermometer & type K thermocouple calibrator
  • Precision calibrator for type K thermometers, process devices & process signals
  • Range -199 to 1230°C
  • Built in high precision temperature linearity compensation circuit
  • RS 232 PC serial computer interface
  • Input for standard type K thermocouple probe

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