Infrared calibrator, CH-TK-CHECKER


A simple low cost device for cross checking contact and infrared thermometers at ambient temperature.

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Infrared calibrator

Is your IR thermometer working properly? – a simple check can tell you
  • Low cost, Light weight and portable
  • Allows cross checking of contact thermometers and Infra red thermometers
  • Used in Temperature kits for Integrity Checking
  • Provided in all ECEFast Temperature Kits

The ECEFast designed and developed CHECKER forms part of most of our temperature kits for Food Safety. It has a heavy base with entry holes for 3mm diameter probes commonly used with most contact thermometers – e.g., the PX22L series from Comark. By measuring the temperature of the base simultaneously with infra red, and contact thermometers, and comparing the readings, the operator can achieve a high level of confidence that all the components are working correctly.

This is especially true when Test Caps can be used to check the contact thermometer calibration such as KM-C21, 22, etc.  This is not a calibration check as it only occurs at one point of temperature, but it is a good functionality checking device. The test can be done at elevated or reduced temperatures provided the whole device is in the test temperature environment. For example conduct the check within a top opening freezer.

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