Two channel thermometer Comark KM-N9002


Comark N9002 a premium rugged industrial thermometer with two universal thermocouple input channels

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Two channel thermometer Comark KM-N9002

The Comark N9002 is a rugged thermometer, completely waterproof and designed for heavy industrial use. It accepts all common thermocouple types as inputs and is particularly accurate in linearity and especially in cold junction accuracy.

The N9002 replaces the discontinued N9001 single channel version – at the same price

  • Sensor Type  Thermocouple types K, N, T, J, R, S  – 2 channels
  • Scales – °C, °F, K
  • Resolution – 0.1° below +1000°, 1° above (autoranging)
  • Accuracy at +23°C 0.1% of reading +/- 0.2°C
  • Operating Temperature Range – -25°C to +50°C
  • Environmental Protection IP67 waterproof

Measurement Range

  • Thermocouple Type K – -200°C to +1372°C
  • Thermocouple Type N – -200°C to +1300°C
  • Thermocouple Type T – -200°C to +400°C
  • Thermocouple Type J – -200°C to +1200°C
  • Thermocouple Type R and S – -50°C to +1767°C

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