Accessories for Wall mount Flow meter


Please choose the suitable sensor sizes for wall mount flow meter. Fixed flow meter sensors come with screw terminals

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Ultrasonic flow sensor accessories

  1. TS2 sensor set for DN25 -100, 90°C / TS2-HT for DN25 -100, 160°C
  2. TM1 sensor set for DN50 -700, 90°C / TM1-HT for DN50 -700, 160°C
  3. TL1 sensor set for DN300 -6000, 90°C / TL1-HT for DN300 -6000, 160°C
  4. DG-TUF-CBL: Signal cable for Wall mount flow meter sensors

Flow meter software (old)        Flow meter software (datalogging)

Additional information

Fixed flow meter accessory

TS2 set DN25 to DN100, TS2 set DN25 to DN100 HT, TM1 set DN50 to DN300, TM1 set DN50 to DN300 HT, TL1 set DN300 to DN6000, TL1 set DN300 to DN6000 HT, 2 x 10M signal cable only, 2 x 5M signal cable only


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