Vibration meter SD card logging, Lutron VB8206SD


LU-VB8206SD, Lutron vibration meter with measurement of acceleration, velocity and displacement in a range 10-1000Hz with sensitivity to ISO 2954. Data logging to SD card at intervals 2-3600 seconds.

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Vibration meter

Innovation and easy operation, computer is not needed  to setup extra software, after execute datalogger, just  take away the SD card from the meter and plug in the SD card into the computer, it can down load the all the measured value with the time information (year/month/date/ hour/minute/second ) to the excel directly, then user can make the further data or graphic analysis by themselves.
  • Acceleration : 0.5-199.9m/sec²
  • Velocity : 0.5-199.9mm/sec
  • Displacement : 0-1.999mm
  • Accuracy : +/-5% +2 digit
  • RMS, Peak and Max hold functions
  • Auto zero button
Optional accessories:
  • SD card
  • AC to DC power supply adapter
  • Data acquisition software (real time)

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