Vibration – Tachometer, Lutron VT8204


LU-VT-8204 is a flexible instrument for measurement of vibration parameters and RPM for condition monitoring of rotating machinery and bearings.

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Vibration and temperature are two main parameters to determine the preventive maintenance program for many industrial machines such as fans, pumps and drives.

Combining the functions of RPM as well as vibration the VT-8204 is a versatile and economical solution for maintenance applications.

  • Measures Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement.
  • Independent laser optical and contact tachometer
  • Acceleration : 0~199.9m/sec²
  • Velocity : 0~199.9mm/sec
  • Displacement : p-p 2mm
  • Optical Tacho : 10- 99,999 RPM
  • Contact Tacho : 0.5-19,999 RPM
  • Data Logging : Max 1000 points into memory
  • Accuracy : +/-5% + 2 digit on vibration readings; +/-0.05% + 1 digit on RPM

Optional software : 

  • The data acquisition software LU-SWU801-WIN is compatible with WIN 98, XP, Vista which enables to monitor the real time data (real time trend)
  • The data logger software LU-SWDL2005/USB is compatible with WIN 98, XP, Vista which enables to download the recorded data from the meter to the computer (historical trend)