Weather Station, Lufft WS Series

Lufft WS series full featured weather station with standard protocol communications & no moving parts

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Weather Station

The Lufft WS series of weather stations are part of the UMB integrated system with facilities for wide area monitoring using GSM networks and Base station software. They are available in five different models giving different combinations of measured parameters. WS200 for example is for ultrasonic wind speed and direction only, whereas the WS 600 has all the parameters measured and available. Now with UMB, ASCII SDI12 and Modbus available on the output the WS series can integrate into existing SCADA , DCS or PLC systems. The WS family will link to a number of external sensors such as leaf moisture sensor and other devices can be integrated into the UMB data network  such as Pyranometer and  visibility sensors. Please contact us if you are looking for more complex overall systems.

  • WS 200, 300, 400, 500 & 600 with different function mixes available
  • ULTRASONIC wind speed and direction +/-0.3m/sec +/- 3 degrees
  • DOPPLER RADAR precipitation type, rate and total resol. 0.01mm – WS601 with tipping bucket sensor.
  • Air Pressure 300-1200hPa +/-1.5hP
  • Temperature -30+70C +/- 0.2C – aspirated
  • Relative Humidity 0-100% +/-2% – aspirated
  • UMB, ASCII, SDI12 and Modbus RTU protocols
  • Modbus TCP/IP converter for integration into SCADA systems and DCS systems

Downloads:   Data sheet    User manual